pt. trimas ekatama nusantara

PT.TRIMAS EKATAMA NUSANTARA produce many find of fire extinguisher. Start form Portable Extinguisher, Automatic Fire System, until Fire Suppression System and also we have lisence of some Fire & Safety brand's Agent.

Our brands are VULCAN dan PHYTON, both are provent reliable fire extinguisher which environment friendly, we supply all needs of fire extinguisher with advance technology and good qulity.

PT.TRIMAS EKATAMA NUSANTARA in year 2018 has perfomed ISO  90001 : 2015, ISO 14001  : 2015,  OHSAS 8001 : 2017 and SMKKK LICENSE.


PT TRIMAS EKATAMA NUSANTARA holding in Jakarta, we were established since 2009.