VULCAN DYNAMECO Aerosol Extinguisher
VULCAN Automatic System

When Motreal Protocol released the regulation to abandon Halon component in any gas and chemical, so many scientist get research for Halon replacement. It also happened in Fire Extinguisher system, today we have known FM-200, Inergen, CO2, and others, which common used for Halon replacement alternative. Then the most spectacular is when it released the aerosol fire suppression system.

VULCAN Dynameco Aerosol Fire Extinguisher is the one of automatic fire extinguisher system which contained the Halon replacement which colaboration with Dynamic Nobel Gmbh Germany.

VULCAN Dynameco Aerosol have 3 times more powerful than conventional system where this aerosol system could be designed for Total Flooding System or Direct Source, start from computer rooms, electricity panel, airplane, combat vehicle, engine room, automatic system, car and offshore. The unique of the system is not needed to install high pressure cylinder and pipe like other system. The system are packaged inside aerosol conteiner in various size. So it will save space, easy to install and maintanace free (no leaking).

VULCAN Automatic System is a simple system that is not needed any support equipment which used to be in conventional Total Flooding system. VULCAN automatic system designed with low pressure cylinder and special valve, then connected to flexible pipe. VULCAN Automatic System will automaticly extinguish when the start fire comes. The flexible pipe will make easier to be installed in electricity panel, electronic which become high risk to burnt. The flexible pipes are used to be fire detector and extinguisher pipe.

VULCAN Automatic System are seperated into 2 types :

  1. Direct System
    Direct System is direct extinguisher system to the source of fire problem which smaller area.

    The flexible pipes work as fire sensor, when the pipes are burnt and leaking, then extinguisher liquid will flow out to extinguished that fire directly.

  2. Indirect System
    Indirect System will suitable to protect bigger area and equipment.

    Indirect System will use extra nozzle to spread out extinguisher liquid, and the flexible pipe will works to become fire sensor.
Fire Suppression System (Total Flooding)

Automatic fire system that can be operated manually. The System will protect automatically in 24 hours.

In automatic mode, the system will do a few procedures as if below:

  1. When sensor has detect a fire in protection zone, fire sirens will alert and multi alerts will follow.
  2. The suppression system works and activate the electric actuator, then cylinder valve will open.
  3. Extinguisher gas will spread out into protection room automatically.

If the sensor had malfunction, and the operator had seen a fire inside the protection zone, then the operator may activate "manual release" button to spread out the extinguisher gas.

After the extinguisher spreaded out, the light hazard will on and don't open the door until extinguished has finish.