VULCAN AF-11 Clean Agent is the replacement of Halon 1211 whom environment friendly and non CFC, reliable in server rooms, electronic and computer. VULCAN AF-11 clean agent has certified of fire rating by autorized institution in Indonesia.

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VULCAN AF-11 Clean Agent
Phyton AF-11

VULCAN AF-11 Clean Agent has proper used by private industry and goverment institution.

This is a multipurpose clean agent & effective to extinguish fire A class (solid fuel material), B class (liquid fuel material), and C class (Shorting out Electicity). It proper to be used inside office buildings, hotels, clean industry and it may maintanace free.

VULCAN AF-11 may have recomendation from Jakarta Fire Department, LEMIGAS, Indonesian Halon Bank and Police Forensics Laboratory.

Available in portable fire extinguisher 3Kg, 6Kg, and 9 Kg, and we also accept to refill your current extinguisher with VULCAN AF-11 clean agent.

Phyton AF-11 is a HALON 1211 replacement clean agent whom environment friendly.

Available in variable weight (portable and trolley) until 50 kg.

This fire clean agent won't iritating skin, clean, non-toxic and eassy to use. it didn't leave any mark and proper to protect electronic equiptments.

Phyton AF-11 has proven for domestic in extreme condition, this fire extinguisher available in economic packaging then can be refilled. Phyton AF-11 could properly used in the house, vehicle, office, small factory and so on.

Phyton CO2

Carbondioxide fire extinguisher.

Available in portable until trolley on wheel (size 50Kg).

C02 as clean agent, properly used in sorting out high voltage electricity up from 12.000 volt, because non conduction, make it can't be used for A class and B class.

C02 is a cold gas and reduce oxigen contain arround fire and never leave any mark and corrosive.