Advance Technology in Fire Jacket which is light as normal clothes, so as comfort as normaly clothes, but can muffled heat and can't burnt, it also water proof. So it easy for fire fighter to move and run extinguished the fire.

fire jacket



VULCAN Fire Jacket

Fire Jacket used to be flamable and not fire resistance, but now we have VULCAN Fire Jacket to muffled heat, non flamable, and waterproof. So it will easy for fire fighter to move and comfort. It has passed BS 476: Part 5: 1979 and ASTM D3806-1979 standart which is proven tested at 615oC outside temperature but only 42,3oC inside temperature.

VULCAN Fire Jacket is light, Waterproof, muffled heat and fire resistant. Inside layer may be taken off / washed. Available in 2 different color (Black and Red), available in size S, M, L and XL.