Unique high performance fire extinguisher, water based, non toxic and environment friendly. Designed to fix all weakneses of conventional fire extinguisher, it prevent to burn back after extinguised and easily to neutralize by nature.

water based extinguisher



VULCAN AF-31 Water Based

VULCAN AF-31 is the most effective antifire agent to extinguish A, B, C, D (fire caused by coal, and liquid metal) and K (Natural Oil) fire class. Although it's water based, but it effective to extinguish fire B class, there are foams and coating to cover the oil surface to prevent oil reburn. It also effective to extinguish A class fire which contain carbon material like woods, paper, and textile.

VULCAN AF-31 has some advantage :

  • Extinguished fire will be so easy and no reburn.
  • It muffled heat and CO poison gas.
  • It won't disturb operational and production because it's easy to cleaned up.
  • Multi purpose to A, B, C, D and K fire class.
  • Longer Expired period, so it's no need to refilled until used.
  • It may to use until 1.200 volt C fire class at fog nozzle.
  • there are 2 in 1 nozzle (jet and fog) at portable VULCAN AF-31 Fire Extinguisher.

VULCAN AF-21 (Fire Inhibitor)

There is a Fire Inhibitor agent to prevent A fire class material to be burnt, which is water based and won't change material color and texture, no smell and no poitionous. It may use in any kind of interior's material which easy to burnt like woods, textile, paper, and styrofoam becomes unburnt matrial.

VULCAN AF 21 has passed ASTM D3806-1979 and BS 476, Part 5.1979 which material based  Mono Amonium Phosphat, so that safe for skin, animals and baby when they playing at secured material.

VULCAN AF-21 made your rooms becomes fire resistant, once treatment for life time material. Washing material can be done by Dry Cleaning method. Material which secured will not get ember and fire, but it will melt or carbonize, depend on any kind of material.


Available in 20 liters and 5 liters container.